children's books by anthem authors

charlie the curious cat

Charlie is a pampered cat who really wants a little excitement in his life.  One day he slips past the pet sitter and heads off on an adventure--one he will never forget!

hippos ball

Hippo and Crocodile lived in a river near the sea. One day, Hippo found a ball. He wanted to play with Crocodile with the ball, but Crocodile batted it away. The ball rolled down the hill and into the sea. Could Hippo get the ball back?

Season is a fickle fairy, playing with nature at her whim, holding life itself in her hands.

A fun day on the farm turns into a sloppy, hoppy misadventure, for a girl and her four-legged playmate, named Nancy Marie. That little goat likes to chew...especially a shoe or two.

Dragolon lived in the deep, dark ocean. His friend, Lantern, who had a light, told him that there was a big light called the sun high above the ocean. Dragolon decided to leave the gloomy sea to seek the sun.

Bailey Crawford has an imagination as big as the moon! She’s curious. She means well. There’s only one problem—she can’t seem to keep her little self out of trouble!

Old Bamboo Cutter came across a shining bamboo stalk. As he edged closer to the stalk, an intense light flashed and dazzled his eyes. When he was able to see again, a beautiful tiny baby girl, only three inches tall, appeared in the split stalk.

Rabbit siblings Jojo and Kiki turned Pansy Rabbits after they ate pansies. They went to Farmer Landy's farm to eat carrots. Landy's dog Spotty chased the Pansy Rabbits. Could they run away from Spotty?

Jojo and Kiki were playing on a log bridge. Kiki lost her balance and grabbed onto Jojo's paw. They toppled into the water. A big salmon named Silverton swam up to save them. The rabbits rode on Silverton and swam upstream. What would they see in the deep wood?

Fairy Melody is a traveling musician,visits the woods to play in concert with animals, and visits the towns to comfort people with sorrowful hearts. Her suitcase is magical and mysterious, and holds many kinds of musical instruments inside the case. If it hums, an instrument Melody needs comes out.

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This book is based on the true story of Jim who dedicated his life to the fine art of being a friend. The art of friendship is a great gift to others, and he shared this gift through the process of giving very special stones, stones with white rings, called wishing stones. Jim’s gift of always wishing for others on these stones created special friendships with people who passed along his gift by always wishing for others.  Friends became friends, and the wishing stone circles moved ever outward as ripples on the water, never ending.  This story is dedicated to friendship and the great gift of using all of our wishes to wish for the best for others. 

A book with a universal theme centered on the unconditional love that comes to us through the dogs of our lives. It is the real-life story of a tiny Shitzu named Zorro who came to a family as the children were growing up and setting off on their own adventures. As the last “child”, he played a major role in the lives of the parents as they chose to chase their own new dreams. Deafness and dim eyes only kept him closer to the family as they too, grew older. This is the story of losing a great friend, and being afraid to start over with a new dog. It is a story of finding a new dog named Sly.  He learns key rules of life and the importance of unconditional love. This is also the story of the great healing power of unconditional love as a family faces breast cancer, together.   

Meet Tik-Tik,the singing western banded gecko, who welcomes all to Arrow Canyon, a beautiful slot-canyon in the Great Basin of Nevada. Arrow Canyon is located on the edge of the Moapa Band of Paiutes Indian Reservation, and Tik-Tik’s Canyon Song describes the importance of the canyon to the Paiute and the stories told in the petroglyph writings on the canyon walls. Those who travel in the canyon receive many great gifts, and Tik-Tik sings of a shared life-lesson as he watched over a unique group of canyon travelers. “ Welcome to the canyon, join the spirits here…. “  

In a magical land like no other, the children are named for the special abilities with which they are born. All except one, and he will remain nameless until he discovers what his magical talent is. With the adults overtaken by a mystical spell, the fate of the Village of Birth-Power rests in the hands of the children.

The magical children of The Invincible Crew book series are back!  They’ll find mysteries and many untold secrets. The Village of Birth-Power is in need of their special powers once again. The Invincible Crew will need to find the truth, if they are going to stop a band of kidnappers and thieves.