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Books by Donna Foley Mabry

D'Arcy Curran

In 1861 in  Manhattan, Kansas,  the Curran girls have expectations of what their lives will be.

Curran Glen

The Civil War ended, but the turmoil of D'Arcy Curran's life did not. Rather than give up the child she raised from birth, D'Arcy kidnaps her sister's son and heads to Manhattan, Kansas.

Half-breed Everett Snipes discovers a newborn baby crying by the body of her mother. He recognizes the mother as the second wife of his cousin Wakiza, chief of the Village of Scouts located a few miles from the Army base. Everett rescues the infant and takes her to her family. Throughout her struggle, Kimimela, the daughter and granddaughter of chiefs, clings to the traditions of her people. She is Kansa … and will never forget it.

In 1906, I was fourteen years old, and it was my wedding day. My older sister, Helen, came to my room, took me by the hand, and sat me down on the bed. She opened her mouth to say something, but then her face flushed, and she turned her head to look out the window. After a second, she squeezed my hand and looked back in my eyes. She said, “You’ve always been a good girl, Maude, and done what I told you. Now, you’re going to be a married woman, and he will be the head of the house. When you go home tonight after your party, no matter what he wants to do to you, you have to let him do it. Do you understand?”

In the second of The Manhattan Stories, Emma is nine on the day they meet, hot-headed and wild-haired. Akecheta is twelve, already the man of his house. He saves her life and tells her she belongs to him. As they grow together up on the frontier surrounding Manhattan, Kansas, he teaches her how to fish at Pillsbury Crossing, how to hunt deer in the woods at Deep Creek, and how to survive in a land where bears, snakes, accidents, and even nature itself can steal away your life in an instant. She slowly teaches him how to trust and how to share the burdens of his shameful past.

Currans and Quinns

On the Manhattan, Kansas frontier of the 1870s, D'Arcy Curran, her husband, and adopted son want to live in peace. Plans are waylaid when the man who killed D'Arcy's father returns from prison looking for revenge.

Dan Curran Quinn

After a romance that started when he was in high school, Dan Curran Quinn marries his longtime love, Kathleen O'Malley. They begin their lives together with a bright future, but a vengeful killer from Dan's past has other plans.

It’s 1930, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains are home to a town of renegade Mormons. On Nancy’s 18th birthday, her father tells her she must marry her cousin Abner, the town’s blacksmith. He’s already married to three other women, one of them her younger sister. Terrified, Nancy runs away and gets lost in the woods. Hungry and cold, she finds a seemingly deserted cabin and takes shelter. When she meets Jake, the man who owns it, she must decide if he is a man she can trust. 

Wealthy heiress Jessica McCarthy desperately wants to be married and have a family. A rogue and a scoundrel, Zachary Belk, the handsomest man in Manhattan, is the only one who has proposed. Even though her father warns her that Zachary won’t make a good husband, she marries him. She soon discovers that her father was right. When the stock market crashes, and both families are left penniless, Zachary seeks a new fortune on a property he owns in another Manhattan, in Kansas. When he deserts her with a new baby, Jessica must learn to survive and support her family in an unfamiliar frontier land with only her faith and determination to guide her. 

Books by James Logsdon

Sweet Lips

Sweetlips is truly an accounting of the beauty and the beast. The beauty is man’s powerful attraction to the sea and the mysteries of its indifference to mankind’s efforts to tame it. The beast—which has been around since the human race came to be, since Corinth and Ephesus and Sodom and Gomorrah—is man’s carnality.

Black Mountain

Lost souls, caught between this world and the next...1789 - After a gruesome battle in which all are killed, the spirits of Spanish slave traders and their Indian victims roam Black Mountain, searching for a place of refuge. These events didn’t happen in some third world country halfway around the world, but on Black Mountain, across the street from my home.

House of James - Romblon

James Logsdon retired from the Central Intelligence Agency and moved to the Republic of the Philippines to enjoy the country's rustic culture. However, life's ride led James to a remote island where his expertise moved the lifestyle of a provincial village into the twenty-first century. James soon learned that under the superficial innocence of the town lay the dark traits of humanity found in every gathering of mankind. Join James on a wild ride from the grimy demands of Manila to the intrigue of life on the edge of imagination.

House of James Expat

James Logsdon moved to the Republic of the Philippines to start a new life. The country's tropical beauty soothes the casual visitor, but below the exotic charms lay the raw conditions of never-ending risk. James soon found out that swindlers and thugs waited at every turn, their crimes handled by a justice system not unlike the Old West of the United States.

Books by robert lee murphy

Eagle Talons won the 2015 Bronze Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western Fiction for Younger Readers. Bear Claws won the 2016 Silver Will Rogers Medallion Award for Western Fiction for Younger Readers. Golden Spike has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Will Rogers Medallion for Western Fiction for Younger Readers. The awards for 2018 will take place in Fort Worth, Texas, on October 27, 2018.

Robert Murphy is an award winning author of the Iron Horse Chronicles. In Eagle Talons Will Braddock doesn't want to be forced into an unwanted blacksmith apprenticeship. The newly orphaned fourteen-year-old embarks upon a quest to determine his own destiny. He heads west to seek work on the first transcontinental railroad.

Bear Claws

 In Bear Claws, The Iron Horse Chronicles--Book 2, fifteen-year-old Will Braddock continues as a hunter for his uncle's survey team as the transcontinental railroad crosses Wyoming in 1868. But Paddy O'Hannigan's vendetta grows more sinister,and Will is forced to use all his skills to save Ulysses S. Grant when Paddy attempts to blow up the presidential candidate's train.

Golden Spike

The driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory Summit in Utah on May 10, 1869, almost didn’t happen. None of the history books mention this crucial event. Only five people were aware of the incident. Will Braddock knew. He was one of those five.

books by m.a.r. unger

Kiev Connection

Forensic facial reconstruction artist Matti James tries to mend a troubled relationship and learn how highly placed her neighbors are within the Russian mob. Two horrific homicides near Las Vegas teach Matti the hard way that killers don’t want victims identified.

Bits and Pieces

Forensic artist Matti James seeks change when she moves to Henderson, Nevada. She adopts a dog that digs up human remains, joins a women’s mystery club intent on solving cold cases, and learns her neighbors have ties to the Russian Mafia. Add two resident Inbetweeners who are not exactly alive and Matti’s life becomes decidedly different.

Matti James is hired for forensic reconstructions to help identify the remains of three WW II Allied soldiers in the UK. Soon she discovers the politically charged nature of her assignment. These soldiers had been shot execution style and left in a shallow grave, not on mainland Europe but in Oxfordshire, England. Secrecy surrounds the case, and in more ways than one, Matti must learn who to trust.

Ritual fire, a human skull, anti-nuke activists, and radioactive material—what’s going on near Las Vegas? Forensic facial reconstruction artist Matti James wants to know. Her completed sketch of the victim reveals a link to Chernobyl. In fact, several troubling incidents have direct ties. What’s worse…the President has scheduled a global warming summit at Lake Las Vegas on the anniversary of that nuclear disaster. Matti fears the lengths to which activists will go to teach the world Chernobyl’s victims were not expendable. 

Past Imperfections

Forensic reconstruction artist Matti James moonlights as an investigator at the Foothill Canyons Detective Agency near Las Vegas. Matti's problems begin when Vegas diva Layla Bourne walks into the agency demanding to know who wants her dead. Six people already have paid the ultimate price. Who will be next?

Cathy's World

The world of forensic artist Matti James is orderly. The same can’t be said of her Las Vegas neighbor, Cathy Britton. Is the former child star and actress creating a drama or slipping into dementia? When accidents happen, Matti wonders if they’re publicity stunts staged from Cathy’s movies or if someone’s trying to murder her.

books by elizabeth williams medhus

Not So Merry Widow

A  friend of author Elizabeth (Beth) Williams-Medhus wrote this about The Not So Merry Widow: "A poignant and amazing story of a woman’s journey through the difficult transition from devoted wife to widow.” That is indeed an apt description, but it is much more than a widow’s tale of loss.

LIfe in No Particular Order

Joseph Melics, during a brief period of calm between the time of the Hungarian Revolution, the plague of 1918, and World War 1, got caught up in the fervor of emigrating to seek a better life for his young family. Leaving his pregnant wife and his daughter, he left with their blessing. It was a dangerous risk. It would be his last chance knowing that there would soon be another war. Leaving everything he knew and loved, he immigrated to Canada with $25 in his pocket.

books by d.n. curran

Robbie Cameron

Robbie Cameron was born during a turbulent time in Scottish history. As our story begins, Charles Stuart, heir to the Scottish throne, leaves France to begin a rebellion against the English, supported by unruly Irishmen and Highland Scots. During the battle of Culloden (16 April 1746), “Bonnie Prince Charlie” makes a fateful mistake and his army is defeated.

Full Military Honors

As the bronze coffin began its descent into the grave in Arlington’s hallowed ground, Frank Devlin saw the last rays of the sun and heard the bugler play “Taps.”
This wasn’t what I had in mind when I asked to be buried here!
He’d lived a colorful life—assassin, spy, drug lord—a far cry from the life of poverty he’d left behind in Alabama, but what did it amount to—nothing. Now, as he awaits death, unbeknownst to him an angel is avenging his imminent demise.


Soldier is a fanciful tale told by three generations of border collies, whose story begins in a time of America's Civil War. “Soldier” as he will become known to the boys fighting for the Republic, shares their experiences on the battlefield at Gettysburg and the rolling hills of the Little Bighorn Valley with Custer’s Seventh Cavalry.
(Note to readers: This story is not historically accurate, nor is it intended to be. It is a tall tale of a different stripe.)


Peggy is a story is about a gentle, loving lady and a very smart little horse. The story takes place on the Island of Coll off the western coast of Scotland. How Stephanie and Peggy came together is almost a mystery as if pre-ordained by some higher power to be bound in a story of hope and happiness.


Penny uses the images revealed in her dreams to help solve the puzzle of who stole her friend's collectibles. Real excerpts from the author's dream journals are woven into the story.


DreamWalker explores the meaning behind images revealed in more than three decades of the author's meticulously kept dream journals. A corporate executive turned entrepreneur, Duffey utilizes her dreams to bolster her intuition by utilizing subliminal messages she receives in the quiet of the night. She shares how sound decisions were made and fears conquered. The author provides insight into understanding common dream symbols, and she includes those specific to her life as a woman working in a fast paced and competitive environment. 

"Can't never did anything.“ These are words that Sigurd, a North Dakota Boy lived by. In this memoir he reminisces about growing up during the Great Depression, and shares stories of how he became Executive VP and CEO of three major corporations.

Journey to Joy

Start with a man motivated by fear, hemmed in by rules and regulations, knowing his obligations, but not aware of his feelings, with an eye strictly focused on an uncertain future of heavenly happiness. Where is this man really going and where will he end up? Only when he questioned the rules, rebelled, and set off on his own path did he begin to become free enough to grow and become more fully human. "Journey to Joy" takes you on a walk with him on his spiritual path to freedom and joy.

Waiting on the Outside

There are 2.4 million people incarcerated in the US today. What would you do if your loved one was one of them? Waiting on the Outside is one mother's story of her son's journey to federal incarceration and his affiliation with a white supremacist prison gang. This book looks at damaged family relationships, and the effects of incarceration on the inmate and their family. It begins with her first visit to prison and her son's devastating life choices.

La Bestia

Javier Salazar and his little sister, Ana, flee the violence and gangs in Honduras, setting out on a journey they may not survive. Their travels lead them through Mexico riding La Bestia, the "Death Train". They are befriended by other migrants on the same path they are on and encounter horrific experiences. Will they survive and reach their mother in America? The journey will certainly change them in ways they don't expect. If they make it, will America be the land of promise they hope for? They can only find out if they survive La Bestia.

books by richard rose

Moveable Forts

Conscience, friendship, and responsibility are tested as a young helicopter pilot, son of an admiral, goes underground rather than return to his unit in the Mekong Delta in 1968. Framing this is the Navy's attempts to conceal the incident.

Lemon Drop

A collection of short stories ranging from humor to fantasy to tragedy. Winner of the 2013 MANA Sunrise Award for fiction, and Great Southwest Book Festival  2013 winner of the Anthology category

Tarnished Curtain

A novel of Vietnam explores the sibling themes of conscience and responsibility. The thoughts and feelings of two men--one young, innocent and practical; the other older, experienced and practical--are examined.

Vietnam through Rose Colored Glasses

Dick Rose spent a year in Vietnam as a Navy senior chief petty officer in Saigon and throughout the Mekong Delta. 


This is a five-act play in iambic pentameter about the 12th Century rightful Queen of England, Matilda, whose throne was usurped by her cousin Stephen when her father died. It details the 18-year civil war between the two cousins, known by historians as "The Anarchy."

What if the barrier between life and death is not as finite as you think? Rebekah Rose Huntington is a genealogist. A visit to her family's famously haunted castle in Ireland triggers her psychic abilities. Relatives long deceased flock to her to use her as a portal into the living world.  Once you reach the end of this book, you'll be watching every dark corner and wisp of light and wondering who-- or what is---watching you.

Trekking On

Trekking On is the sequel to the eco-fiction fantasy Beasts of the Open Space. Prehistoric herbivores Nama and Westwind are together again after a time of crisis and separation. Their former way of life has been swept away, and they set off with their daughter Acacia and her pal Shadow to seek new opportunities in new places.

Beasts of the Open Space

Horse-like beasts Westwind and Nama hope to start a family. They're smarter than big herbivores have any need to be and see themselves as the product of impersonal forces rather than the willful creatures of a purposeful deity.

the alexandra merritt series by donna foley mabry

Las Vegas casino owner, Alberto Minnelli, has everything a man could want; wealth, power, family, friends, and a woman he loves. The only thing he needs that he can’t buy, is time. He finds there are still three people on his list, his nephew, Michael Bart, whom he raised as a son, his beautiful, young, talented Director of Entertainment, Alexandra Merritt, and Dr. Zachary Peters. Before it’s too late, Alberto wants to care for two of them, and he intends to kill the third.

When Alexandra Merritt inherits a Las Vegas casino worth three hundred million dollars her life is turned upside down. While trying to learn every phase of the operation, she has to contend with a wild variety of Vegas visitors. There are egomaniac movie stars, ambitious stand-up comics, thieves, coked-up athletes, and a fabulously beautiful blonde with two things on her mind–becoming a movie star and murdering everyone who gets in her way. When Nikki sets her sights on Alex, the feisty redhead has to scramble. The life she has to save, is her own.

From their childhood home in a small Tennessee town to the stages of Las Vegas, ambitious Earleen Jameson guides the career of her talented and beautiful granddaughter, Special. Earleen will do anything to make Special a star, including murder. Unknowingly helping Earleen is Alexandra Merritt, owner of the Las Vegas Desert Flower Hotel and Casino. She has a lifetime habit of taking in strays, both animal and human. This time, she befriends the Jameson women and soon begins to suspect she might be sheltering a killer. 

It’s National Finals Rodeo week in Las Vegas, and even more people than usual are traveling to Sin City in hopes of fulfilling their dreams. There’s country music star Sonny Monroe,  Ferlin and Patsy who want to be married by an Elvis impersonator. Lil’bit Meade wants to win the barrel racing title and Inquizitor, the meanest bull in rodeo, wants the chance to kill another human being. When one of the new arrivals winds up dead, casino owner Alexandra Merritt and homicide detective Mike Simmons have a case to solve, and must do it before the suspects all leave town. There’s only one murderer, but everyone involved will find that it’s a Rough Ride in Vegas. 

Entertainer Robert Clarkson wakes up in a strange bedroom with a bullet wound in his back and no memory of how it got there. His awkward investigation discovers that the younger brother the Army told him died in Iraq is home and has brought with him something the most powerful people in the world will kill to retrieve. When Robert involves his employer, Alexandra Merritt, owner of the Las Vegas Desert Flower Casino, she takes matters into her own hands. The beautiful, feisty redhead has connections of her own who don’t frighten easily, among them homicide cop, Sam Howard. It isn’t long before a professional killer regrets his attempts to harm people Alexandra loves.

In hopes of bringing the high rollers back to Downtown, Mayor Oscar Goodman plans to build a high-rise, glittering casino. He invests everything he has to buy the property and raises the rest of the money from old friends–friends he once defended in court. If his plan doesn’t succeed, he stands to lose more than his life savings.

On opening day, things go wrong, and those responsible wind up dead. Detectives Sam Howard and Jessica Chalmers begin to wonder…

Is the Mayor a possible victim, or is he the prime suspect?

more from author donna foley mabry

When Roxanne Russell’s mother dies, her father is away on a business trip. The young military widow leaves dozens of messages for her father but receives no response.

Looking for a copy of her mother’s obituary, Roxie reads an article in the newspaper and discovers her entire life is a web of lies, secrets, and deceit. She drives to her father’s birthplace—Manhattan, Kansas—and moves into her grandmother’s huge, three-story, hundred-and-fifty-year-old house. It’s been vacant for decades, but Roxie begins to believe she’s not the only occupant.

When newly divorced Ellen has trouble sleeping, her friend, Alexandra, tells her, “Get a dog.” A visit to the local shelter brings Skip into her life. The injured Golden Retriever is soon running things, arranging her romances, and teaching her to laugh again. When she begins to date, he disapproves the dentist and the salesman and even threatens to bite the bartender. Will the handsome Vegas firefighter make Skip wag his tail? Anyone who ever loved a dog will laugh along with Skip, a most unusual canine.

Devout Christians, Mary and David Gentry, fall victim to a series of crimes and mishaps in their comfortable, upper middle class Michigan suburb. David convinces a doubtful Mary to move to New Jordan, a walled, secluded, community being built in Georgia and designed for Christians only.  David and Mary are approved but, as part of the requirements to move in, they must surrender all their considerable assets with the understanding that if they decide to leave, everything will be returned to them.  Mary soon discovers that no one has ever left New Jordan alive. 

Gramma was a showgirl, and under her direction, child prodigy Kaleigh McKenna hones her many talents. 

As a teenager, Gramma takes her to Hollywood. With the aid of Gramma’s old friends in the business, Kaleigh lands a contract at Warner Brothers Studios where she works with  stars like Bette Davis, Errol Flynn, and Olivia de Havilland. Everything changes on December 7, 1941. Instead of making movies, Kaleigh gives her heart to the United Service Organization. She’s soon doing her act for American soldiers and sailors on dangerous fronts from North Africa to the South Pacific. It proves to be a wild ride, with bombings, blood, and heartbreak.

Out of work and almost out of money, actor/dancer/singer Shana Alana loses her most prized possession. In her frenzied efforts to retrieve it, she finds she will do anything, including murder.
With the help of her best friend, Jeanne Harper, Shana finally lands a part in a show at the Las Vegas Getaway Hotel and Casino. Good luck seems to come in a landslide, but the depression that dogged her all her adult life refuses to leave.

President Tim Connors is slipping in the polls, and his chances for re-election are fading fast. His Chief of Staff, Arthur Locke, blames the abrasive, feminist First Lady, Rachel Connors. Would a handsome, grieving widower be more likely to win? When his plot to assassinate Rachel goes wrong, Locke has set in motion a chain of events that could ultimately give the presidency to him.  Secret Service Special Agent Jason Hall, the FBI, the CIA, and an underestimated local police chief will have to scramble to unravel the clues before the next murder takes place.

Basketball superstar Andre Jeffers meets a virginal, young and beautiful Sierra Wentworth. For the first time in his life, he is not the one in control. She and her greedy mother maneuver him into leaving his family and marrying her. Once she has what she wants, his fame, his money, and his son, she divorces him, but Andre is not going to be disposed of so easily. When Sierra is found slaughtered in the boutique Andre bought her, the ex-husband is the prime suspect, but not the only one. Newly promoted Las Vegas Detective Sam Howard discovers there were several people who had a reason to want her dead, including her own mother.